My heart

beats for the big screen! Once in a while I will and can devote myself to the Cinematography, no matter Film or Documentary.

I swarm for small movies with big heart. Stories that move, unusual personalities, surprising events.


By the motion picture

my work is characterized by natural lighting and sensual macro-shots. My trademark is an inconspicuous and at the same time perceptible camera movement. The sooner I get involved in the filming process, the better. During an extensive location-scouting with the director many questions about aesthetics and the language of the picture are clarified. An intensive collaboration with scenography and costume underscores the mood and the coherence of the film look. In an early cooperation with the set design, I can be sure that we will have no white walls in the picture.


The Polish Documentary School

is my home when it comes to this genre. This means little staging and an observing, waiting camera. For this I use small cameras to be unobtrusive and spatially flexible. The protagonists should forget that I am there. My friendly and uncomplicated nature creates trust and openness.