Alicja Pahl Director of Photography
 Out of Ordinary Dir: Luca Signoretti Tobias Buchmann Alicja Pahl play Trailer
 22:47 Linie 34 Dir: Michael Karrer play Trailer
 Sonnenwende Dir: Timo von Gunten more info
 Beyond The Visible Dir: Halina Dyrschka play Trailer
Awards Student Academy Awards finalist Experimental/Alternative - Out Of Ordinary Grenoble, Festival du Film Court, Prix d'aide à la création 2020 - 22:47 Line 34 Palm Springs, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Special Mention - Best Student International Short 2020 - 22:47 Line 34 Winterthur, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Best Swiss Film 2019
 - 22:47 Line 34 Delhi International Short Film Festival Award for best Cinematography 2014 
- Déjà Vu Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund 2009 - Alice's Summer Max Ophüls Competition 2008 - Die Lichtung Camerimage Competition 2007 - Die Lichtung Berlinale Talentcampus 2006 Press The 2020 Student Academy Award Finalists — Alternative/Experimental “…The best experimental work is introspective, self-reflexive and has something bold and original to say about the medium itself; and this is where OUT OF ORDINARY really seems to step up and deliver. This dance-focused short film may feature choreographic movement as its subject, but the agency of the camera is the main focus here. This talented trio in conjunction with Zurich University of the Arts and the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich has created a work that uses the filmic eye to its truest advantage. All the formal strengths of the medium, depth of field, color saturation and crispness of the image are being used to their greatest advantage. …“ - Out Of Ordinary- by Miniflix Aug. 2020 - 'Formidable maitrise cinématographique pour nous rendre témoin (voyeurs) de ce théâtre de la confrontation instantané des personnalités.' 'A magnificent cinematographic mastery to make us witness (voyeurs) of this theater of instantaneous confrontation of personalities.' - 22:47 Uhr Linie 34 - 2020 Prix d’Aide à la création 43 Festival du film court en plein air de Grenoble Jury Statement - ‘Beyond the Visible’ bristles with the excitement of discovery and also with the impatience that recognition has taken so long,” A.O. Scott wrote. “It refreshes the eyes and the mind.' - Beyond the Visible - 'The Best Films of 2020 (So Far), and They’re All Streaming' by Stephanie Goodman - New York Times - May 2020 - 'The filmmaker lingers lovingly on the work, devoting every inch of screen to the vivid color and fascinating images. She surrounds footage of the paintings with landscapes, architecture and even talking head footage framed for elegance. The material balances the energy of af Klint’s work with a calm that’s sometimes even quietly spiritual.' - Beyond the Visible - by hope Madden - UK FILM REVIEW - April 2020 - '…A reenactment of her at work on a large-scale piece … is surprisingly well integrated, as are images of the natural world that so inspired her. But most effective is the way Dyrschka and her DP, Alicja Pahl a…, explore the canvases themselves: gliding across the surface, bringing details into focus, all with a strong sense of discovery and awe. They let the pieces wash over the viewer, with their brand-new geometries and spirals beyond the bounds of time. ….' -Beyond the Visible - by Sheri Linden - The Hollywood Reporter - April 2020 - '…the film as a piece of cinema itself is also a gorgeous thing, with plentiful landscapes, establishing shots and nuanced studio reenactment sequences all shot with luminous, sensitive and painterly cinematography by Alicja Pahl…' - Beyond the Visible - by Shana NYS Dambrot - LA WEEKLY - April 2020 - Contact Alicja Pahl +41 76 690 29 11
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